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Recent publications have shown that a substantial portion of cell lines - as much as 36% - are either contaminated or misidentified entirely. In response, the UICC has understandably re-emphasized the need for Cell Line Authentication. Several commercial PCR kits are now available for this purpose, including Promega's GenePrint®10, PowerPlex®16, and PowerPlex®18D systems, as well as Life Technologies Identifiler® and GlobalFiler® systems.


To assist with the analysis of such kits and custom chemistries, GeneMarker® HID software is now equipped with a Cell Line Authentication application. The user may compare their sample's STR profile against a database of reference genotypes using a percent match calculation. The tool is built into the program - the user can simply upload their raw data from any ABI instrument, genotype their samples, and then proceed directly to Cell Line Authentication. No additional data transfer is required. GeneMarker HID software also comes pre-loaded with additional analysis tools including kinship analysis, database search, and mixture deconvolution.


Read Cell Line Authentication Application Note


Finished-Main Window.png
Cell Line Authentication Main Window. Samples are automatically imported from the user's current project - no manual entry required. Select a sample from the sample dropdown menu to search the database. Results are displayed in the table to the right.


Building Your Database
The Cell Line authentication application is equipped with a built in database function. This database is seeded with 60+ common cells lines, but can be easily and rapidly expanded to include thousands of references.


Loading Genotypes2.png
Uploading a database of cell lines into GeneMarker HID software. These samples will be saved to the database, where they can be reviewed, deleted, or modified using GeneMarker HID software's database management tools


Perform Genotyping
To run a new project, simply load your raw data files, and use GeneMarker HID software's Run Wizard to perform size and allele calling. Settings can be saved as templates, greatly simplifying the analysis.


Processing raw data using the Run Wizard


After data processing, allele calls will be displayed in the electropherogram and the allele report table. Allele calls can be saved using GeneMarker HID software's many exporting and printing options.


Completed genotyping results


Query the Database
After genotyping, proceed directly to the Cell Line Authentication application. Sample genotypes obtained from your current project will be imported directly into the Cell Line window (no manual entry required).


Simply select a sample from the sample dropdown menu to query the database. You may also set the minimum percent match threshold for the search. Results are displayed in the report table to the right.


Samples from your project are automatically imported into the application. Select a sample from the Sample dropdown menu to search it against the database.


Clicking on a result will display that reference's genotype in the References Table, allowing side-by-side comparison with the sample genotype. Differences are flagged for easy identification.


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SoftGenetics - Software PowerTools for Genetic Analysis

SoftGenetics - Software PowerTools for Genetic Analysis


















SoftGenetics - Software PowerTools for Genetic Analysis





SoftGenetics - Software PowerTools for Genetic Analysis

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