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Integrated Database searching for Missing Persons, Mass Disasters, Familial Searches and Kinship Analysis Applications

GeneMarker® HID human identity software accepts all ABI®PRISM, Applied Biosystems SeqStudio™, Promega Spectrum Compact CE System file types and contains a linked, searchable Relationship Database, which provides rapid location of exact matches of STR profiles from major human identity PCR chemistries including but not limited to:

  • GlobalFiler™ 6-Dye™
  • Identifiler®
  • MiniFiler®
  • Y-Filer™ Plus
  • PowerPlex®16
  • PowerPlex®ESI
  • PowerPlex®Y-23
  • SureID® STR
  • Investigator®24Plex
  • Investigator®DIPplex
  • PowerPlex®Fusion 5 and 6 Dye
  • iPLEX STR™

This is a powerful tool for identifying a reference sample from a missing person or mass disaster victim. If a reference sample is not available in the database, the program uses identity by descent calculations to locate potential relatives and provides likelihood ratio of most probable relative(s), with a setting to tolerate mutation using AABB mutation rates. The program uses allele frequencies from major US populations, or analysts can easily import population specific tables. The same approach is used to locate exact matches between a suspect and crime scene DNA, or familial searches when there are no exact matches between the crime scene DNA and the database. The Kinship Analysis application provides likelihood ratios and probabilities for each locus, with report format flexibility; including Parent, Sibling, Half-Sibling, Grandparents, Aunt/Uncle and Cousins.


Figures 1 and 2 below provide an overview of the Missing Persons and Kinship applications.


Read the Missing Persons Identification Application Note (PDF)


View the GeneMarkerHID Database Searching webinar (View on )


GeneMarkerHID software’s Missing Persons Application Locates Duplicate Samples and Nearest Relatives from the embedded database

Figure 1: The Database Search screens the entire database and displays any exact matches, near matches and potential relatives along with the likelihood ratio results. Robust statistical analysis calculates combined Likelihood Ratios using identity by descent (Brenner 1997). The result table may be copy/pasted into an existing document or saved as a .txt file.


GeneMarkerHID software’s embedded Kinship Analysis Calculates Likelihood Ratios, Probabilities for all designated relationship levels

Figure 2: Kinship Analysis options provide flexibility in analyzing data for casework and legal presentation. Options include Relationship levels, Likelihood Ratios and/or probabilities for each locus and combined values.

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