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GeneMarker®HTS (High Throughput Sequencing) software provides a streamlined workflow for mtDNA data analysis from massively parallel sequencing (MPS) methods. Developed in collaboration with leading forensic laboratories, GeneMarkerHTS software provides rapid analysis of multiple samples with a unique motif alignment technology. Analysis results include: depth of coverage graphic, consensus sequence aligned to reference (IUPAC nomenclature), read pile-up (with depth and direction indicators).


View 2016 ISHI presentation slides (Dr. Mitchell Holland, Penn State University)

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Whole mtDNA genome or HV1 & HV2 analysis in minutes

  • Analysis across the origin
  • Forensic nomenclature
  • Maintains privacy / Blocks display of disease associated positions
  • Consensus or motif alignments
  • Easily customize alignment viewing options

Detailed Reporting Capabilities

  • Consensus sequence
  • Variant reports – SNPs, insertions, deletions
  • Haplotype
  • Export for EMPOP mtDNA database
  • Heteroplasmy


  • Windows® - point and click operation
  • Compatible with NGS sequencing platforms including: Illumina® and Ion TorrentTM


SoftGenetics - Software PowerTools for Genetic Analysis












SoftGenetics - Software PowerTools for Genetic Analysis





SoftGenetics - Software PowerTools for Genetic Analysis

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