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SBE Analysis (Single Base Extension/SNaPshot® Analysis)

GeneMarker® software is an excellent tool to determine SNP genotypes from single base primer extension (SBE) or SNaPshot data from capillary electrophoresis systems (including Beckman CEQ™, ABI PRISM®, or MegaBACE™). An unlabeled primer with its 3' end directly flanking the SNP is extended one nucleotide by Taq polymerase and fluorescently-labeled ddNTPs complementary to the polymorphic base are added. The resulting fragment is one nucleotide longer, but the observed fragment size from electrophoresis will be greater than expected due to the influence of the fluorescent dye on the electrophoretic mobility of these small fragments. SNPs can be identified by the one- or two-color peaks associated with the incorporated labeled ddNTP and the length of the primer.


GeneMarker software is user-friendly software, displays two-color SNPs on one trace, essential for data from SNuPe™ and SNaPshot, and contains robust size calling algorithms that resolves fragment lengths to less than one base pair with high efficiency allele calling, adjusts for mobility shift of small fragments SNP genotypes link to App Note SBE/SNaPshot


SNP Analysis for SnapShot® Report


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