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de novo Assembly of NGS reads

NextGENe includes multiple, platform specific assembly tools for de novo assembly of short sequencing reads from all major NGS platforms from Illumina, Roche, Life Technologies, and Ion Torrent. NextGENe software's Windows based operation provides a biologist friendly script-free point and click operation. The software includes specialized assembly tools for the MiSeq and a unique “flow based” assembler, Floton™ for the Ion Torrent systems.

Single end or paired data (including both paired end and mate-paired) can be used as input. Multiple assembly methods are available including a de Bruijn assembly method, which is similar to the Velvet assembly tool.


NextGENe also includes the unique Condensation Tool™ which can be used prior to assembly to correct sequencing errors and elongate reads to allow improved assembly results. This patent-pending technology is not available is other programs like CLC Bio, DNASTAR's NGEN & Lasergene's SeqMan or in academic tools like Velvet, ABySS, ALLPATHS & VCAKE.


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Paired End Assembly of MiSeq data
Assembly of Ion PGM reads with the Floton assembler
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Using NextGENe software's Pipeline Automation Tool
Plugin for Torrent Browser automation
Demultiplexing Illumina® MiSeq™ Data


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