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Compliance with Best Practice Guidelines

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A recent publication from the British Journal of Haematology by Clarke et al. has outlined the best practice guidelines for performing quantitative Chimerism analysis using Short Tandem Repeat (STR) based techniques.


ChimerMarker® is fully automated chimerism analysis software, which is compatible with all major chemistries and instruments. As shown below, ChimerMarker is concordant with the recommendations discussed in this paper:




Example Longitudinal Report:



In addition to these recommendations, Clarke et al. also make the following reporting suggestions:
• Full recipient demographics, including DOB, reference number, gender, etc.
• Donor Type
• Donor Sources
• Donor Gender and Key Identifiers
• Transplant date
• Transplant Type


ChimerMarker's informative report header, in conjunction with the recipient information tool, enable all of these details to be conveniently included in chimerism analysis print reports.





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