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Increasingly, the double donor technique for hematopoietic stem cells transplant is replacing the single donor approach. In most cases, physicians use the double donor approach because it helps with the because engraftment of the stem cells in the recipient. Usually, this is accomplished with an initial transplant of bone marrow along with either cord blood or peripheral blood stem cells. There is also the potential for the initial transplant to fail; a second donor will decrease the chances of failed engraftment or disease relapse. In either case, the recipient has a chimera of three different genotypes. Theoretically, one of the donors and the recipient stem cells will begin to disappear, while the other donor cells engraft disappear, within the host. ChimerMarker® software solves the technical challenges for chimerism monitoring of a double donor transplant by accurately identifying peak origins and quantifying the amount of Donor/Recipient chimerism with many shared alleles (Fig1). ChimerMarker software tackles these technical challenges by applying a Chimertyping panel to each sample for automatic peak identification (Fig1) and accurate size calling algorithms; quantifying the amount of donor/recipient chimerism in one step.



Figure 1: Each allele in the Post-BMT of the recipient is automatically identified and displayed by the BMT software. Loci labeled in red were selected by the user to be ignored in the calculations or recognized by the software to be uninformative. The header provides electronic verification of date and time, user electronic identification and analysis parameters for complete record keeping.



Figure 2: The second page of each double donor report displays deconvolution of Donor 1 and Donor 2 contributions along with a total Donor chimerism. ChimerMarker software has the ability to quantify donor or chimerism. recipient and display it in the summary final report.


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SoftGenetics - Software PowerTools for Genetic Analysis

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SoftGenetics - Software PowerTools for Genetic Analysis

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