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Short Tandem Repeat (STRs) provide a highly sensitive measure of chimerism in post-BMT monitoring which is essential for long term tracking of engraftment and early detection of magnant cell replapse. ChimerMarker® software was developed in collaboration with Dr. Don Kristt, providing accurate chimerism detection, quantification and long term monitoring. ChimerMarker software is compatible with data from all major capillary electrophoresis systems (ABI®PRISM, Beckman-CEQ™, and MegaBACE®), human identity STR kits (including Identifiler®, ProfilerPlus®, PowerPlex®16, PowerPlex®ESI) and custom chemistries. The program has user-friendly linked navigation; no need for error proned data transfer. The longitudinal graphs are easily appended with results from sequential samples. The report header provides verification of the user and the analysis parameters.



The longitudinal graph is automatically saved and easily appended with the sequential samples during the monitoring time period. The header provides electronic verification of institution, user and analysis parameters.


The Percentage Chimerism (donor or recipient) is displayed in the Y-axis. Sample date is displayed in the X-axis.



This Double donor monitoring report displays the trend of engraftment with an increase in overall chimerism and Donor 1 stability and a decrease in Donor 2 chimerism percentage. In this example the analyst entered Tx to indicate sample at transplant and then the weeks post-transplant for the sequential samples.



Patient information, addition of sequential samples and comments, printing and saving are easily accomplished using the tool bar icons. The graph selection includes bar format (shown here) or line graph format. Quality control metrics are included in the graph and result tables.


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