"Assessment of the number of contributors (NoC) is a critical element of accurate DNA mixture interpretation."

John Butler, Forensic Science International: Synergy 6 (2023) Recent advances in forensic biology and forensic DNA typing: INTERPOL review 2019–2022

NOCIt software is compatible with output from genotyping software such as GeneMarkerHID, GeneMapperIDX and provides essential information for PG analysis in software such as MaSTR, STRMix or EuroForMix.

NOCIt: Software providing probabilities on the number of contributors

  • Validated A Posteriori Probability (APP) distribution on Number of Contributors (NOC) for STR data
  • Accurate results with unimodal distributions
  • Easy and rapid calibration to laboratory’s data
    • Utilizes peak heights, stutter, drop-out
    • Allows conditioning to known/assumed contributor(s) – making it consistent with PG models when analyzing mixtures with assumed contributors, such as the victim