GeneMarker®HTS Forensic NGS Analysis Software

GeneMarker®HTS software provides a validated streamlined workflow for forensic mitochondrial , STR, and Y-STR casework as well as medical research of mitochondrial DNA from massively parallel squencing platforms (MPS) - such as the Illumina® and Ion Torrent® - in an easy-to-use Windows® operating system.

GeneMarkerHTS (High Through-put Sequence) Forensic Analysis Software for data from Next Generation Sequence (NGS), Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS) platforms, including Illumina® and Ion Torrent®

Mitochondrial DNA Analysis

  • Whole Genome, HVI/HVII and control region analysis
  • Unique Alignment TechnologyMotif Consensus
  • Forensic Nomenclature
  • Easy Upload to EMPOP

STR Analysis

  • Autosomal & Y-STR
  • Forensic Nomenclature
  • Genotype & SNP Reporting
  • Concordant

Validated Easy-to-Use Windows® Interface

Compatible with major Chemistries & Platforms

Audit Trail & User Control

Comprehensive Reporting Options

GeneMarkerHTS software includes:

  • Audit trail capability
  • User management
  • Customizable viewing and reporting to protect privacy of personal health information (PHI)
  • Profile Comparison Capabilities
  • Upload to EMPOP
  • Rapid Analysis – get results in minutes
  • mtDNA:
  • 30 MiSeq whole mtDNA chromosome data files with 10,000 average depth of coverage were aligned in 90 minutes (3 minutes per sample).
  • 200 whole mtDNA chromosome data files with 10,000 average depth of coverage aligned in 16 hours.
  • GeneMarker HTS software results were 99.74% concordant with the CE allele calls of 20,000 sampled GeneMarker loci.
  • Samples allele calls and iso-alleles


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