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Fragment Software
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DNA fragment analysis software with embedded applications for ecology/agriculture and clinical research

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Fragment Software
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Genotyping and automated chimerism detection, quantification and long term monitoring

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The above options are annual subscription licenses. One license per machine where quantity of licenses purchased should match quantity of machines you wish to install the software on. You need to renew your subscription at the end of your 12 month term to continue accessing the software.

Yes, you can transfer your license in certain conditions specifically when a user has left / moved role or when machine is longer in operation. You are restricted to two license moves per year user and you must contact to fulfill the transfer.

Yes it is possible to purchase a Network License. Please fill in contact form here.

Click here to view the SoftGenetics EULAs.

System requirements can be found at the following link

Yes we accept purchase orders and bank transfers. Please fill in contact form here.

Yes, we do offer training. Please contact us,, to arrange training.

Yes, we offer 35 day free trials. Please use the Request Trial to get your trial.

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