MaSTR™ Probabilistic Mixture Analysis of STR Profiles

MaSTR™ Enlightened Probabilistic Mixture Analysis Software. MaSTR software features a rapid and transparent approach to Probabilistic Mixture Analysis which utilizes your forensic acumen in an easy-to-use Windows® environment for research, validation and casework applications. Server based MaSTR software is very cost effective, includes two simultaneous user licenses, and automatic queuing of multiple analyses.

Read the article Internal Validation of MaSTR™ Probabilistic Genotyping Software for the Interpretation of 2–5 Person Mixed DNA Profiles. Genes: Special Issue State-of-the-Art in Forensic Genetics 2022

Read the validation report in Forensic Science International: Genetics (FSI:G) Supplement Series.

Read the article: MaSTR™: an effective probabilistic genotyping tool for interpretation of STR mixtures associated with differentially degraded DNA. International Journal of Legal Medicine (2022)

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