MaSTR™ Probabilistic Mixture Analysis of STR Profiles

MaSTR™ Enlightened Probabilistic Mixture Analysis Software. MaSTR software features a rapid and transparent approach to Probabilistic Mixture Analysis which utilizes your forensic acumen in an easy-to-use Windows® environment for research, validation and casework applications. Server based MaSTR software is very cost effective, and automatic queuing of multiple analyses.

Read the article Internal Validation of MaSTR™ Probabilistic Genotyping Software for the Interpretation of 2–5 Person Mixed DNA Profiles. Genes: Special Issue State-of-the-Art in Forensic Genetics 2022

Read the validation report in Forensic Science International: Genetics (FSI:G) Supplement Series.

Read the article: MaSTR™: an effective probabilistic genotyping tool for interpretation of STR mixtures associated with differentially degraded DNA. International Journal of Legal Medicine (2022)

Software Applications

MaSTR™ is compatible with NOCIt™ -- a tool to determine most likely number of contributors in a forensic mixture.

Reference Materials: