Educational Genetic Analysis Software Packages

• Free 180 day fully functional software for students with the purchase of an instructor license
• Sample data sets
• Online training for the instructor
• User Manual and instructional webinar recordings

SoftGenetics is eager to assist aspiring genetic researchers, forensic specialists and their professors by providing students with no cost temporary licenses of our software power tools. Our Educational Packages include lifetime no cost updates of our software packages to professors, unlimited 6 month student version for installation on their own computers and representative sample data sets. The packages also include on-line instructor training, on-line webinars and electronic user manuals for our market leading GeneMarker, GeneMarker HID and Mutation Surveyor programs. For further information or to order, please email:

Software Packages

Mutation Surveyor® - DNA Variant Analysis from Sanger Sequences

GeneMarker® - "Biologist-Friendly" Genotyping Software

GeneMarker® HID - Human Identity Software

GeneMarker® HTS - Forensic NGS Analysis Software

MaSTR® - Forensic NGS Analysis Software