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GeneMarker MTP provides the analysis power of six GeneMarker programs; reducing costs while increasing efficiency of DNA fragment analysis. The automated import and assignment of analysis parameters (templates) is intuitive, reducing complexity and analysis time. GeneMarker MTP maximizes the utility of a CE plate - include up to 6 different chemistries on the same plate. GeneMarker MTP is rapid - processing six 96 well CE plates in approximately 30 seconds. Linked post-genotyping applications include: MLPA®, Trisomy/Aneuploidy, Cystic Fibrosis, Fragile X. LOH, MSI, STR Haplotype, ARMS®, SNaPShot® SNPs, AFLP, T-RFLP, Dendrogram Cluster Analysis, Relationship Testing, Database search, TILLING®, microsatellite analysis. GeneMarker MTP is compatible with custom and commercial chemistries, and all major capillary electrophoresis platforms (ABI®PRISM, Beckman-Coulter®, and MegaBACE®). Click here to review the quick start guide.


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Simultaneous Analysis of Multiple Chemistry Kits…..All Genotyping Applications


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SoftGenetics - Software PowerTools for Genetic Analysis












SoftGenetics - Software PowerTools for Genetic Analysis





SoftGenetics - Software PowerTools for Genetic Analysis

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