Ecology, Agriculture and Wildlife Applications in GeneMarker MTP... Increase Discriminitory Power and Analysis Efficiency while Decreasing Costs

Microsatelites (SSR, STR)
Kinship/Relationship Testing Database Search/Pedigree/Parentage testing

  • GeneMarker MTP software maximizes the utility of CE plates by including samples amplified with different chemistries or requiring different analysis parameters.
  • Streamline workflow for analysis of replicate samples amplified with different PCR multiplexes; as is often the case with microsatellites.
  • Rapid turn-around time by importing six full CE plates, automatically sorting into chemistry specific projects and analyzing each project - 576 samples in approximately 35 seconds.

GeneMarker MTP software is compatible with custom and commercial chemistries, and all major capillary electrophoresis platforms (including ABI®PRISM, Applied Biosystems SeqStudio™, and Promega Spectrum Compact CE genetic analyzers) and Windows® 7-10 OS.

The program provides increased discriminatory power from combined results of 2 - 6 multiplexes. The linked Merge Project tool compiles a complete genotype from several multiplexes in one table. Link directly to Cluster Analysis for dendrogram construction and Relationship testing for database search, kinship analysis and pedigree/parentage testing.

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