Low Acquisition Cost

Single server-based program has an extraordinary capacity to meet most forensic laboratory needs. Low cost, additional client users allows each analyst station to have access to MaSTRâ„¢. Additional low cost licenses are available on request. (Request Quote)

Figure 1: The software is structured into three parts, but the database (1) and server (2) are both contained within the Server virtual machine.

1. The Database
Used to manage the job queue, store analysis results, and store important information (Panels, Models, Protocol Sets, etc).

2. The Server
Runs the analysis and communicates with the client to provide results.

3. The Client
One or more clients may connect to the server to submit jobs and review results.

Computer Requirements - Server:

Minimum Specs (complex mixtures may not run)

  • 4-core CPU
  • 16 GB of RAM
  • 1 TB hard drive

Suggested Specs

  • 8-core CPU (or better)
  • 32 GB of RAM (or better)
  • 2 TB hard drive (or better)

Computer Requirements - Client:

Clients connect to and interact with the server on the internal network using a web-browser.

Using either one of these:

  • Google Chrome v56 (or higher)
  • Mozilla Firefox v51 (or higher)

Support Operating Systems:

  • 64-Bit OS