Admin Tools

Modes of Operation

MaSTR™ requires the user to log in order to access the software functions. This requirement allows the laboratory to password protect their individual models and mixture analysis results.

  1. Admin
    • Administrative tools– no data analysis
    • Assigning user name/password to individuals to log in to the software
    • Providing users with the appropriate access rights and user group access
  2. Demo/Training
    • Guided walk through of the software with pop-up boxes describing each step of setting up an analysis to reviewing results and saving reports (Figure 1)
    • No password required, open access to learn MaSTR software
  3. Research/Validation
    • Tools for validation teams to establish laboratory SOPs for casework and R&D scientists to apply their forensic expertise to advance models for complex mixture data analysis (Figure 2)
  4. Casework
    • Models locked in by Admin after validation
    • Password protected
    • User group access rights
    • Flexible Reporting
    • Audit Trail

Figure 1: Select the appropriate Mode to log into MaSTR software with user name and password.

Figure 2: User-friendly interface provides the R&D and Validation teams with the tools to build, test and validate models for their laboratory use. Newly developed models can be shared with other labs to evaluate and advance statistical analysis tools for probabilistic mixture analysis.

The linked documentation provides step-by- step instructions to submit jobs using preloaded settings and models. The instructions include details to assist R&D and validation teams to import baseline and system profiles/dilutions to establish the instrument and chemistry specific settings for their data analyses. An example page of the internal documentation in MaSTR software:

Audit Trail

The complete Audit Trail includes login of user, time/date of and name of job(s) submitted.

Flexible Reporting

MaSTR software allows the analyst to save all of the tables and graphs generated or save only certain items. The reports currently save in PDF format. Simply select the desired reports and click Download.