User management

Geneticist Assistant NGS Interpretative database employs a customizable password system (such as an 8 character alphanumeric password) to protect data integrity. The database records all log-in and log-off and all user-activity by user, which can be recalled by administrative personnel. Access to various information contained in the database can be granted or limited by individuals and groups. Geneticist Assistant NGS Interpretative Workbench records and tracks all changes and comments for future recall.

Geneticist Assistant Login: Geneticist Assistant Workbench employs a customizable password system (such as the 8 alphanumeric character password in the example below) to gain access to the database.

Create Users and Define Permissions: Access to various information within Geneticist Assistant can be granted to an individual and/or groups.

Create User Groups: User groups can be created by designating permissions and adding users.