Time Saving Quality Evaluation Tools in GeneMarkerHID Software include Automated Project Comparison Evaluation

Well established forensic workflows include separate, independent analysis of the data by two DNA analysts and comparison of their results by the lab manager or tech lead, to determine if there are any discrepancies. The project comparison tool streamlines this process as indicated if Figure 1. Additionally, this tool provides an immediate comparison of results during validation or performance checks of new PCR or CE protocols.

The project comparison tool aligns replicate projects while automatically detecting any differences with a peak-by-peak comparison. This tool reduces fatigue and speeds the review process when comparing concordance of two separate analysts. The Project Comparison Tool also provides validation assistance by comparing replicate projects from different instruments, chemistries, or analysis parameters.

Figure 1: The peak-by-peak comparison is summarized in the table at the right. Results that are in agreement with each other are not highlighted (as shown above with profiles 6 and 7). Any differences between the profiles will be highlighted in the tables and electropherograms. By using the scroll bar to scan for yellow highlighting, the reviewer or supervisor can quickly zoom in on the areas of interest by double-clicking on the yellow cells.