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NextGENe is the perfect analytical partner for the analysis of desktop sequencing data produced by the ION PGM™, Roche Junior, Illumina MiSeq as well as high throughput systems as the Ion Torrent Proton, Roche FLX, Applied BioSystems SOLiD™ and Illumina® platforms. NextGENe software runs on a Windows® Operating System, which provides a biologist-friendly point & click interface, and does not require scripting or other bioinformatics support, often required when using programs such as CLC Bio, LaserGene, DNASTAR, MAQ,SOAP,Top Hat, BWA and Bowtie.


NextGENe software employs unique platform specific technologies in one free-standing multi -application package. NextGENe software contains analysis modules for SNP/INDEL & Structural Variant Analysis (resequencing & Amplicon analysis), Copy Number Variation (CNV), Prediction and Rare Disease Discovery; Whole Genome Alignment; Transcriptome; Alternate Splicing of Exons & Transcript Expression levels; RNA Seq; ChIP-Seq, Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE) analysis; Digital Gene Expression (DGE), Exome Assembly & Variant Discovery; miRNA Analysis & Quantification; Metagenomics; de novo assembly, CNV and Exome Capture.

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NextGENe is designed in a biologist friendly Windows® environment significantly reducing the need for additional bioinformatics resources and costs. NextGENe utilizes low cost 64-bit Windows OS based hardware. (click here for suggested hardware configuration)


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SoftGenetics - Software PowerTools for Genetic Analysis




SoftGenetics - Software PowerTools for Genetic Analysis





SoftGenetics - Software PowerTools for Genetic Analysis

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