Automated Batch Processing of Sanger Sequencing Data

Mutation Surveyor software's AutoRun Tool allows users to quickly carry out the batch analysis of multiple Sanger sequencing projects, including (but not limited to) direct sequencing, PCR sequencing, Mitochondrial DNA sequencing, and resequencing projects. The automated batch processing feature enables users to create projects to be processed at specified time intervals, taking advantage of Mutation Surveyor software's superior sensitivity and accuracy in the detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), homozygous and heterozygous insertions and deletions (indels), and low-frequency variants (somatic, mosaic, heteroplasmic). Jobs are created to specify project settings, sample files, reference files, and post-analysis reports. Mutation Surveyor AutoRun then scans a directory for jobs, and the AutoRun tool automatically launches Mutation Surveyor to complete the analysis when files are available. Jobs may also contain sample files that have not yet been generated by a capillary electrophoresis instrument. The AutoRun function can then be configured to process the job at a time interval after the files are added to the directory.

Figure 1: AutoRun settings include options for timing, location, and more.

Select Project and Report Settings in Log File Wizard

Figure 2: AutoRun’s Log File Wizard makes it easy to add files and settings, and configure reports for each job in the log file.

The Log File Wizard guides the user through the creation of a log file. The wizard enables users to upload project sample files (or simply file types to be found in an input directory), reference files, GenBank files, analysis settings files, and report settings into a project. Multiple projects can be included per log file, each containing specific settings and output directories selected by the user. After creating log files, the AutoRun tool is set to scan a directory at a specified time for new log files. The tool then processes unread log files at user-set time intervals, automatically compiling mutation projects and reports and depositing them in the final directory for review.


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