The Macromolecule Analysis Tool: Aligns Fragments of Multiple Capillaries Without Internal Size Standards

The Macromolecule Tool aids with analysis of macromolecules without an internal lane size standard. Depending on the macromolecule size and configuration, migration rates through capillaries vary greatly, as with polysaccharides or carbohydrates. Internal size standards of the same macromolecule may not be readily available. GeneMarker software is compatible with data from ABI®PRISM, Applied Biosystems SeqStudio™, and Promega Spectrum Compact CE genetic analyzers, and custom primers or commercially chemistries . This tool in GeneMarker software enables researchers to physically identify reference peaks known to have the same size and uses this information to align from one capillary to another.

Characteristics of the aligned macromolecule fragments includes relative size, peak height, and peak area. This information can then be exported in an excel sheet or printed as final report for studies, which can include the determination of such characteristics such as number and relative size of degradation products or other macromolecules, such as DNA binding carbohydrates commonly functioning in gene regulation. Figures 1 and 2 provide an overview of macromolecule analysis.

GeneMarker’s Synthetic Gel Image

Figure 1: Users can draw a box around two size ranges (top), then click ‘Apply’ to align the capillaries.

Aligned Electropherograms

Figure 2: Users can also access the run wizard to provide aligned electropherograms, relative size of peaks, peak height and peak area.

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