Flexible Panel Editor in GeneMarker Genotyping Software: Rapid, Accurate Allele Calls from Commercial or Custom Chemistries

The Panel is a file containing all of the loci and alleles that may result from PCR amplification. It is used by GeneMarker® software's pattern recognition algorithm to accurately make allele calls. Panel templates for GeneMarker software can be selected from several embedded templates, downloaded and imported (MLPA, MS-MLPA, Aneuploidy or Trisomy, Cystic Fibrosis), supplied by tech_support@softgenetics.com or the user can create and save custom panels in the panel editor of GeneMarker software. Previously saved ABI panels can also be imported from GeneMapper® bin and panel files.

Custom panels are easily created in the panel editor; automatically: using signal information from data files or manually: by simply inserting the desired alleles using the mouse. The panel editor also provides a simple method for panel calibration and an auto-adjust function to cope with run-to-run or instrument-to-instrument variation. GeneMarker software easily processes data from ABI®PRISM, Applied Biosystems SequStudio™, Promega Spectrum Compact CE and Syntol Nanophore®05 genetic analyzers and chemistries from Abbot, Aneufast, Devyser, Elucigene, MRC Holland, Promega, Thermo Fisher and others.

Rapidly Create Custom Panels for Analysis of Custom Chemistries

Figure 1: Custom Panels are easily created for applications such as AFLP or microsatellite analysis. The analyst can use the signal information to automatically generate panel files, or opt to manually create the file using the mouse to add loci and alleles.

Import Pre-Defined Panels from the GeneMarker software Directory

Figure 2: Panel Files for many of the major kits are pre-loaded in GeneMarker software. Access these files by selecting Import PreDefined Panels and selecting the needed file(s). Contact tech_support@softgenetics.com for assistance with panels.

Import Panels from GeneMapper

strong>Figure 3: Automatically build panel files from GeneMapper® panel and bin files by selecting Import ABI Panels from the File drop-down menu.

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